Apothecary Rx Delta 8 Elixir 650mg 30ml

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Apothecary Rx Delta 8 Elixir 650mg 30ml

Introducing our 650mg Delta-8 Elixir, meticulously crafted with 650mg of pure Delta-8 and Coconut Oil. This formula is renowned for its efficacy in addressing anxiety, sleep disturbances, pain, and inflammation. Delta-8 THC is a distinct cannabinoid present in the hemp plant.

Delta 8 offers mood enhancement with less intoxication compared to Delta-9 THC. It provides a mild "buzz" without the typical levels of intoxication, anxiety, or paranoia associated with Delta-9 THC.

Derived from the Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) plant, Delta-8 delivers a potent yet functional experience characterized by a semi-mind-bending, uplifting sensation of relaxation, bodily comfort, and mental clarity.

Federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-8 THC offers a legal alternative for those seeking therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive drawbacks.


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